Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Super Cuteness Has RETURNED

I know, your life has been very boring out there, hasn't it. Well, there is now something to look forward to. RSCBTMFOJSCB is back baby. And with avengence. Three posts today, with more on the way. Yes, you are welcome.

To The Extreme Baby!

A few months ago, I went with a scout troop to Moab for Summer camp. We hit all kinds of fun spots. Waterfalls, Arches, the Colorado River. But by far, the best part of the trip was a Hummer tour we took up in Slick Rock.

Because of the size of the group, we had to take two Hummers. We had two guides. One was pretty much a driver, and the other was an awesome tour guide. He explained the plants in the Moab area the Native Americans used to eat, he showed us dinorsaur tracks, he was great. And the best part, he was a total dude. And when we asked him why he liked to be in Moab so, he said because he liked to do things to the extreme. For the rest of camp, that was the motto. To the extreme baby. Hike to delicate Arch, to the extreme. Eat at Subway, to the extreme. Drive home, to the extreme. Thnaks Hummer Dude. And yes, I'm wearing a Star Wars shirt. What?!

Gotta love the visor

On my quest to regain that treachorous little toad, Roberto the Braza Cup, me and Pops have hit the the tennis courts again. But on the way to reaching my goal, I have found a new love. Pops found this beauty of a visor at the swap meet. Whenever I am feeling down during a match, I can just throw that bad boy on, and bam, I'm back in the game. Best .50 cents ever spent.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I had a little trouble with my face this past weekend. On Monday or Tuesday, (at this point I can't really remeber), I started to have pain in a tooth I had a root canal done about a year and a half ago. By Thursday, it started to hurt pretty bad. I tried to get an appointment with my dentist, but apparently no one works there on Friday, so I couldn't get in until Tuesday. So on Friday, the pain was worse, and I made an appointment with a different dentist in Salt Lake. When I went there, they referred me to an endodontist for Monday, telling me I had to get the root canal redone. So I tried to prep myself for a painful weekend. I started to do that on Saturday, but on Sunday, woke up with a little bulge under my chin. By Sunday night, I took the above picture and it looked like I was growing a new chin on the right side of my face. Linds called the on call dentist and endo, and they said I had to go to the ER. They started me on IV anti biotics that night and told me to come back at 6:00 in the morning on Monday.
So, I stayed at my dad's house that night and had my brother Mike take me back to the ER on Monday so Linds could go home with the kids. By Monday, my face looked like this, and my tongue had started to swell up to. I then went to see the endodontist who drilled out my tooth and found an absess under the tooth. The absess caused the swelling, and cellulitis in my face. He then sent me back to the ER, where I eventually had to be admitted overnight. Appartently, the doctors were all worried about the tongue swelling because the swelling has no where to go, and could have encrouched on my airway and it was already starting to twist the airway.
Anyway, it ended up being a weekend of firsts for me. First time having an IV. First time being admitted to the hospital. First time having a CT scan. First time my wife had to me to the ER at the end of the night, instead of me taking her. But through it all, I had the presence of mind to make sure and take some pics to share on the Super Cute blog. Because nothing is cuter that a quad chin.
I did want to say this though. Thank you to everyone who helped me and my family the last couple of days. Thanks to our neighbors, and Nancy my mother in law for staying with our kids. Thanks to the workers at Jordan Valley Hosp and my dentist and endodontist, thanks to Danor and Darren for the blessing on Sunday night. Thank you to my mom for being the best nurse out there, to Mike for taking me to the hospital and Jake and Mike for hanging out with me Monday until we found out what was going on. Thanks to Jennifer for coming over last night, and bringing me a frosty, (that was awesome). Thanks to my co workers for worrying about me. Thanks to my dad for letting me stay at his house Sunday night, even though he didn't know it was me that was there, (and sorry I didn't wake you up to tell you, but I blame it on the pain meds). And mostly, thanks to my wife, Lindsay for taking care of me. I'm not used to having so many people worrying about me and taking care of me, but I really appreciate all of it. Everything seems to be better now, and hopefully I will be at work tommorrow.
So if I learned one thing out of all of this, it would be don't ever had a root canal done ever again. Take that one for what ever is worth.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I turned 31 years old in Novemeber. I'm in the 30 somethings. I think this makes you try to cool it up a bit, so as not to lose it. In my effort to do this, I think my wardrobe could use a little spruce up. Well, I was watching the Olympics the other day, am I found the perfect item. Mr. Lysacek was wearing this beautiful get up with feathers on the hands. You know, because he was a bird or something. Now, I know this is a little out of my league and everything, but it can't be that far from what is in these days. I'm sure they have something close to this at the Buckle or something. And I am going to try and find it. A feathered long sleeve shirt, that has those awesome little loops to put around your finger so the sleeve won't climb up your arm. I know, who would want that? Who would want to ever roll up their sleeves? No me. So, if you are out there and see a feathered shirt with finger loops, or a pirate shirt, please let me know. I need it. Thank you.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


What a great year it has been at The ppplounge. We have had some super cute times this year. We lived through the death of one phone, to the birth of another. We found out why this blog exists, and found out what a trip to Vegas with the Bro's and Foreman is like. You found out about twinners, and hugging it out. I also went global. It has been HUGE. Well, here are a few pics that didn't make it during the year for your viewing pleasure. Above is a picture of me and Linds, because The ppplounge loves the shots were you are holding the camera in front of you baby!
Tommy and Emma on Easter. Look at those outfits. I didn't pick them out myself! Couple of super cute kids I say.

Ah, the trip to Disneyland. The driving, the whinning, the charcters, the money blown, the hand holding, the cuteness. Yup, we are probably going back in a couple years. I think I should start saving for the plane tickets now.

How did this one not make it. Me, in my niece Darcy's hat. I look good. Real Good.

Ah, the last piece. At the Harvest Hills 9th Ward Christmas Party, we recreated the 12 days of Christmas. Can you guess what part I played? Tights? Tutu? Yes, yes, that is right. I am one of the 12 lords a leaping. And I lept. I'm really good at it too. Even has me thinking a career change. Well, it has been a good year. The aughts are almost over, and the teens are about to begin. No one knows what is in store for The ppplounge next year. One could guess more making fun of Foreman, hopefully an appearance by P Ricky, exploring the in's and out's of smasting, and other things of this nature. But for now, look back in cuteness, and get ready for a Super Cute 2010.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Do you remember Roberto? Yes, you do. Well, me and Pops played for Roberto on November 20th. I brought him to the match so he could watch me win in all my glory. I even talked to him before hand to let him know what would happen, and let him pick his own spot on my desk. Apparently, he didn't listen.
See, Roberto is a traitorous little dog. Me and Pops had it out for a match of the ages. And yes, sadly, I ended up losing 6-4. I am not very happy about this, as you can tell, it took me two weeks to post the debacle. And the little traitor, he now resides with Foreman somewhere. So, Roberto, you have fun with Gary Agassi and his mullet toupei, or however you spell that. But be forewarned. When we reunite, you will have to pay for your treachory. Concrates Dad.